Alarming Levels of Drink Driving Persist in the UK

A concerning trend of drink driving casualties and fatalities still grips the UK, with motorists still getting behind the wheel whilst under the influence.

Shocking statistics from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) latest figures from 2021 show that an estimated 6,740 people were killed or injured when at least one driver was over the drink-drive limit. 

A graph showing the number of fatal and serious collisions per year in Great Britain.

Car crashes as a result of drink driving have decreased dramatically over the last 20 years but still remain at worrying levels.

In 2002, the total number of collisions in Great Britain had rocketed up to 13,150.

This has seen a steady decrease in the following two decades, with the latest figure being 4,660.  

During the pandemic, the levels of traffic decreased and this also had a knock on effect with a decrease in collisions on the road.

A graph showing the number of fatal and serious collisions by regional area during 2021.

When breaking down the figure into regions, the South East takes a clear lead with 860 collisions.

The East take second place with 550 collisions and London closely followed with 510.

The North East has fewer amount overall with 130 total casualties.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has calculated the personal financial cost of drink-driving, pricing it between £20,000 and £50,000.

The calculation reflects the fines, legal costs, rise in insurance premiums and possible job losses convicted people face.

With Christmas time approaching, more and more people will be celebrating the festive season by drinking alcohol.

There are many misconceptions such as ‘one drink’ being acceptable and people can feel easily persuaded by this.

However, it is important to note the costs of taking such a risk.

Many campaigns have been started around the UK trying to combat drink driving.

Think! Is one of the most influential campaigners for drink driving and is run by the Department for Transport. 

Think! and Greene King have partnered together over the festive season to give out a free pint of Guinness 0.0. 

When talking about Guinness 0.0, Fiona O’Neill said: “Definitely zero Guinness to designated drivers allows the person to still feel like they’re part of the party. 

“Unfortunately when you don’t drink, people still ask why you’re not drinking. 

“Zero Guinness gives the designated driver the window to breathe without having to answer questions or make excuses.”

This offer is available to designated drivers to ensure everyone gets home safely, with the overall message being “a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive.”

The campaign serves as a reminder to those that it is important to be socially responsible and that you do not need alcohol to enjoy yourself.

There are 470 pubs participating pubs across the country and to get the offer drivers need to show their car keys at the till. 

For more information on claiming a free Guinness 0.0 take a look at

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