Supercar drivers in Kensington and Chelsea ordered to turn off their engines in crackdown over late night noise


Officers have seized a Lamborghini and Gallardo.


By Hannah Pupkewitz

Supercar drivers in Kensington and Chelsea are been targeted by a joint police and council initiative to help sleepless residents put a stop to noisy engines.

The drivers of these high performance cars are infuriating Brompton residents by revving their engines or leaving them idling late into the night.

As part of the plan against noisy and uninsured cars, officers seized a Lamborghini Gallardo worth over £200,000 and a Mercedes Brabus worth over £150,000.

John Dell, a city solicitor living off Sloane square, said: “Those of us who live here are disturbed daily and frankly embarrassed by the noise these cars make.

“It needs to be put to a stop, it’s incredibly juvenile and it’s making the area an unpleasant place to live in.”

The officers counted 231 high performance cars in the area with 30 extra visiting each night.

Over fifty supercar owners in the area received letters or verbal warnings for disturbing residents in the early hours.

Both a £1.2m Lamborghini Reventon and a £2m Bugatti Veyron were spotted during patrols.

Anne Bancroft, a mother of two and senior human resources representative living on Brompton Road said: “The car owners have no consideration for families or businesses in the area. They make it impossible to sleep or work.”

She said the excitement for these supercar owners seemed to come from how loud they could rev their engines.

However one driver who has a home just off Sloane Square and owns an orange Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 said: “It may be an extravagance but it’s one I’ve worked hard to achieve and it’s wrong to group all luxury sports car owners together as anti-social nuisances or hedonistic men going through a mid-life crisis.”

He added “Yes loud engines are part of the fun of one of these cars but I have always been considerate with mine.”

It is not only powerful supercars that are causing problems in the area but also the operators of pedicabs, rickshaw type vehicles, which blast out loud music.

Joanna Gardner, Kensington and Chelsea’s Community Safety Councillor, said they were going to keep a close eye on the behaviour of drivers of these powerful cars and the operators of pedicabs.

She added: “We have an ongoing commitment, with our partners the police, to reduce the nuisance caused by this antisocial behaviour.”

Photo courtesy of 98octane, with thanks.

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