Understanding the impacts of long COVID

COVID-19 can be severe and has caused millions of deaths around the world as well as lasting health problems in many who have survived the illness.

This is what we call long COVID.

In the early days of the pandemic, there was a perception that for most people, COVID-19 was a short, relatively mild illness lasting less than a fortnight.  

However, in recent months more attention has been paid to people with long COVID, people whose symptoms were not serious enough to land them in hospital when they contracted the virus, but repercussions of the virus persist for months.

NHS Awareness Video

The long-term illness is frustrating and debilitating for those who are affected.

While the national narrative has shifted from social distancing to reopening’s, many realities are pinned with fever and fatigue.

SWLondoner speaks to long COVID sufferers about their experience with the illness.

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