The Gurkhas – History and Hunger Strike

The Gurkhas are Nepalese soldiers who have served in the British Armed forces since 1815.

Following the Anglo-Nepalese War in which the East India Company (EIC) invaded Nepal, a peace treaty was signed which restricted the nation’s autonomy.

One of the conditions of the treaty was that the EIC was permitted to recruit Nepalese soldiers for its own army.

Under British command, over 100,000 Gurkhas served in the First World War, subsequently fighting in the Second World War, The Falklands, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Despite their service, the British Gurkha Welfare Society says 25,000 men have been denied the ability to transfer into UK armed forces pension schemes.

Now, three Gurkhas have embarked on a hunger strike outside Downing Street.

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Featured image credit: Terry Fincher

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