Tooting’s Sadiq Khan ‘would beat’ Richmond’s Zac Goldsmith in London mayoral race, according to survey

Tooting MP and Labour London-mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan would beat Richmond Park’s Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith in the race to City Hall, according to a new survey.

The Survation results, which were based on respondents watching clips of each candidate and voting based on their answers, reveal that Mr Khan has a 13% poll advantage over his rival.

Mr Khan appeared delighted with the results re-tweeting the poll and using his election slogan #TogetherWeKhan.

The survey outcome read: “Londoners reacting to this final question which showed increased support for Khan would have awareness after these short clips that Sadiq Khan is likely a British Muslim or did not even consider faith as a meaningful judgement factor in this ethnically diverse city.

“So there’s little evidence that faith would hold back Sadiq Khan’s electoral fortunes.”

This poll was conducted in response to an LBC Radio survey which suggested that being Muslim may hinder a candidate’s chances at the ballot box.

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