Five things to do on a weekend night in London

Planning a cheeky little weekend in London soon?

We know, we know – so much to see, so much to do; you must make up your mind.

Keep reading for our warm recommendations that you should put on your must-see list for when in one of Europe’s most famous capitals!

Culture Lovers, Welcome Aboard!

If you are in London to experience the rich cultural life of The City, we would advise that you should plan your route in advance.

The Square Mile is home to a grand variety of galleries and museums that cover a wide range of historical periods, types of art, genres, and interests, so make sure you have jotted down a list of priorities you would like to swing by if your time is limited. There is a plethora of magnificent artistic venues you could enjoy, but it is a smart move to make one a priority.

To Be or Not to Be!?

Since a majority of museums close in the early hours of the evening (check out the exceptions here), and you are down for your dose of culture, you can opt for diverse theatres located all over the city.

London’s West End offers some incredible musical theatres and quality drama for you to enjoy. From musicals to adaptations of well-known classics, there is pretty much anything you could think of. For instance, you can head to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in Bankside for exceptional performances by reputable contemporary actors.

Londoners Party Hard

London is renowned for its throbbing nightlife. For that reason, you are advised make sure to pay a visit to some of the exciting, authentic bars and pubs that will bring the true energetic spirit of London to life.

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Get Rich

Now after downing your favourite tipple and painting the town red, what better way to wind up the night than to head to one of London’s numerous brick and mortar casinos and cash in some easy money?

Land-based casinos are currently a big thing in the capital of England, and it is simply a must to drop by and try out the unmissable part of London’s favourite type of entertainment. Feel the fiery vibe of local casinos and breathe in the air of wealth and fortune as you are choosing a game to play on.

Forget Diets and Detoxes

Sitting down and eating is overrated! London boasts its food trucks which are usually open 24/7 for when you are peckish after an eventful all-nighter. Tuck in one of them and enjoy the company and light-spirited banter of friendly locals. However, arm yourself with patience, for there are many people hungry for London’s gourmet nosh and eat on the go culture, and as Londoners are famously good at queuing, you had better acquire this skill yourself!



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