All smiles from the team looking to raise money for charity

Friends aim to raise 100K for breast cancer and break ten-person marathon record

A group of friends will run in a ten-person costume at this year’s London marathon to raise money for breast cancer.

Led by Jackie Scully, 42, they will aim to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon ran in a ten-person costume on April 2.

Jackie, who became clear from breast cancer ten years ago and since been declared cancer free, has raised money for Breast Cancer Now, NHS Charities Together and Willow Foundation.

group are in good spirits
IN GOOD SPIRITS: Marathon day promises to be a long but rewarding process (credit Edward Roe)

Jackie said: “The NHS saved my life and also rebuilt my pelvis in my 20s, so I owe it all to them to raise money for the work they do.

“I didn’t think I’d hit 40, I was convinced that at 32 I wouldn’t make the decade, so I’ve now learnt to see life as a gift.

“We owe it to other people who don’t have life to live life to the fullest and understand how it’s about the quality in your days, not quantity of your days.”

The costume, a ten-person bus, was designed by ex pro skater Frankie Seaman, David Seaman’s wife.

In the past nine years, Jackie has raised £93,000 and has pledged to raise £100,000 this year, starting with the marathon as the first of four challenges.

Following the marathon, 100 people will run the London 10,000m in July, referencing the 10,000m Jackie did whilst receiving chemotherapy.

24 peaks in 48 hours and trek across the Sahara Desert will round out the challenges.

Despite the opportunity to break a Guinness World Record, to Jackie the time achieved is a secondary factor.

Jackie said: “If we don’t get the record, it doesn’t matter.

“As long as we have a party out there and we make a point, that’s what success looks like for me.

group preparing for the big day on April 21
EYES ON THE PRIZE: Jackie and the team looking to beat the current record of 6 hours ad 55 minutes (credit Edward Roe)

Kate Rham, head of events at Breast Cancer Now, will run alongside Jackie.

The pair met 10 years ago and have been taking on different challenges together since then.

For Kate, the opportunity to make people smile and raise money for necessary causes is a very special prospect and extraordinary thing to be a part of.

Kate said: “For me, it’s not about the time, but rather about getting out there and raising as much money as possible.

“This symbolises friendships, strength, courage and determination.”

Jackie recounted the immense support Breast Cancer Now were when she received her diagnosis, especially being a young woman.

Jackie mentioned how every time she had a question or needed to speak to someone, there was always an answer or someone to speak to.

The ten will be dressed in different costumes to celebrate organisations to every day community heroes that both represent London and the people.

Aileen Rice-Jones will be dressed as a brownie guide because she volunteers with Girlguiding, the UK’s largest girl-only youth organisation, on a weekly basis.

Aileen said: “ It is an honour to be able to dress as probably one of the more recognised uniforms across women in the UK, and Girlguiding have been really helpful by providing me with a uniform, badges and a sash.”

Alongside Aileen, Jackie had previously held the record that was broken soon after for organising the longest static cycling class.

Jackie with team, smiling at the camera ahead of the big day
A SURVIVOR: Jackie is determined to be an example of bouncing back from a setback (credit Edward Roe)

Polaroid sized images of those who have either overcome cancer and other illnesses, or who are sadly no longer with us, will be stuck inside the bus costume.

Jackie said: “While we can’t stop our friends from dying, we can help them live and I think this is a celebration of life, and getting all the people that matter to us in the bus.

“When it gets really tough, and I hope that’s not the first 50 metres, we will have faces staring at us saying to us keep going.

“In life, I believe that whatever you’re going through, it’s the why that matters, and when you’ve got a big enough why you can endure any how”.

Jackie added: “As someone who has had a lot of setbacks, the message I want to share with the world is that you aren’t defined by what happens to you, but rather by how you respond.”

“If you shoot for the impossible, you find out what’s really possible.

“I’ve learned through the hardest routes possible that you can go an awful long way when you have the right people by your side.

“So build your tribe, go move further than you think is possible.

“But do something that absolutely scares you and pushes yourself out of your comfort zone and only then will you fully understand what being alive is all about.

In preparation, one of the team Frances Walker, has been running with two kilos of sugar to accommodate for the extra weight on the day.

Follow Jackie on socials X: @jackie8 Instagram: @creative888 and donate here: Team Scully is fundraising for Breast Cancer Now (

All images courtesy of the Edward Roe

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