Show of solidarity: London Muslims to host peace day following ISIS murder of David Haines

London’s Muslim communities will stand united in peace and prayer this Friday following the murder of British citizen David Haines by ISIS

The London Muslim Community Forum is appealing to all mosques in the capital to take part in a London Jumma Peace Day to demonstrate a united front against the killing of civilians.

It is asking Muslim organisations, associations and professionals to support their local mosque this Friday when a prayer for world peace will be held.

Saleha Jaffer, co-chair of the London Muslim Communities Forum, said: “The killing of innocent civilians is barbaric and we call on mosques and Islamic venues to take the opportunity on Friday to send a clear message to all our communities, Muslim and non-Muslim, that these actions are not in the name of our great religion of Islam and we stand united in prayer for peace and harmony.”

Dr Mohammed Fahim, of South Woodford Mosque, in East London, is supporting the London Jumma Peace Day.

He said: “Islam is against these barbaric and inhumane acts, which have been taking place.

“There are no sensible people supporting Islamic State (IS) and at our mosque, we lecture regularly to say that this is not our religion – it is not allowed.”

Commander Mak Chishty, the co-chairman of the London Muslim Community Forum and the head of community engagement for the Metropolitan Police, said: “We offer our condolences to the family of David Haines and pray for peace for all.

“We are calling on all Muslims and non-Muslims to condemn such acts and stand united in peace and prayer.”

Picture courtesy of Simon Felton, with thanks

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