How to ‘Give Your Best’ to refugee women

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to make immediate changes to our everyday lives, and the process of adapting to these changes is one we’ve all had to contend with in different ways. 

For refugee women and those seeking asylum in the UK, some of these changes involved being cut off from essential provisions, delayed asylum claim hearings, and exacerbated feelings of isolation, anxiety and loneliness. 

A recent report by Sisters Not Strangers, a coalition of charities dedicated to supporting refugee and asylum-seeking women, collated the experiences of these women during the pandemic. 

During the first lockdown, support channels for refugee and asylum-seeking women were disrupted as charities across the country were forced to close their doors.

Give Your Best is an organisation which grew out of the need to adapt to these changing circumstances, finding a way to support female refugees in a remote capacity.

Give Your Best, founded by Sol Escobar, 40, provides an online catalogue of donated clothing that women who are refugees, seeking asylum, or destitute, can shop for free.

You can read the full story here.

Featured image credit: Give Your Best

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