‘App-ily’ ever after? Londoners’ mobile phone ‘addiction’ damaging relationships, research reveals

Mobile phone ‘addiction’ is blighting relationships and even destroying marriages, according to research.

Partners who constantly check their phones arebeing cited as a major argument accelerator in relationships with 25% of respondents claiming it sparked rows, according to the survey.

But the troubles don’t just stay in the home as even when couples jet off on romantic getaways 18% of people can’t help scrolling on their phone every day, with 7% even checking it each day while on honeymoon.

Co-founder and technical director of, Daniel Foster, said: Gone are the days of just using a mobile to text your partner when you’re going to be late home from work, or calling from a weekend away with friends.

“It’s a shame to see arguing as a result of this is such a common occurrence these days – mobile phone addiction has even been known to destroy marriages completely.

“I’m sure our findings will hit home with lots of people and may hopefully make some reassess their use of mobile.

“While smartphones are a great way of connecting us with other people, it seems they might be doing more damage than good in our personal relationships.”

Constantly being on a phone is not only damaging relationships, but one fifth of people have admitted to ending a relationship via mobile, or consider it an acceptable option.

Picture courtesy of L’oeil étranger, with thanks

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