Bomb disposal experts called to disarm WW2 device in Croydon field


The device was found near Selsdon.


By Emma Birkett

Bomb disposal army officers were called to a field in the South Croydon area on Sunday evening, to dispose of a World War Two ordnance device.
The device was found in a field in the hamlet of Farleigh, which straddles the London/Surrey border.

The site is near a popular golf course and is just outside the populated suburban area of Selsdon.

Officers were accompanied by two units from Surrey Police who protected the site from ramblers and passing traffic.

A spokesman for the police said that this happens all the time in this particular area, and that the device was nothing to worry about. It was disposed of safely at around 5:45pm.

Croydon was heavily bombed in the Second World War, due to its proximity to the RAF base at Biggin Hill and the now demolished Croydon Aerodrome and airport.

German pilots also favoured using the North Downs as aerial landmark to guide them to and from London.

Photo courtesy of Bundeswehr-Fotos Wir.Dienen.Deutschland, with thanks.

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