Red menace or fantastic fox? Wandsworth Council urge people to deter urban critters from taking over

Foxes are on the rampage in Wandsworth as the council urges residents to guard their garbage from the sly scavengers.

Fox populations increase when food is readily available so to discourage the urban interlopers people are advised to keep rubbish in proper bins and not plastic bags stored in gardens and yards.

Environment spokesman Councillor Jonathon Cook said that while some people welcome foxes as a fantastic addition to the capital’s wildlife, others see them as problem pests.

“Some people like feeding foxes and attracting them into their gardens, but this takes away their natural wariness towards people and can have the unfortunate effect of encouraging them to enter other houses in search of food or even to follow people in the street,” he said.

“Of course this can be very intimidating and can cause people great distress and anxiety, especially those with small children.”

The council don’t deal directly with fox issues – they are classified as pests and residents are encouraged to contact pest control companies – there number of things residents can do to help keep foxes away.

Domestic pets like rabbits and hens should be kept in fox-proof accommodation and people should avoid feeding pets and other wildlife in their gardens.

To outfox your neighbourhood Basil Brush you should also ensure that meat and household waste is not put on compost heaps and to not leave any food out as this will only attract the curious critters.

Cllr Cook added that foxes can also be deterred by clearing undergrowth and thick vegetation from gardens so they do not have shelter.

“The simplest and most effective way to deter them from causing you and your family problems is to limit their food supply,” he said.

Picture courtesy of jans canon, with thanks

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