Sir Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard and Al Murray issue last-ditch rallying cry to Scottish referendum voters during Trafalgar Square pro-union event

Sir Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard and Al Murray desperately urged Scots to vote “No” in the Scottish independence referendum at last night’s pro-union rally in Trafalgar Square.

More than 2,000 Union Jack waving supporters applauded and cheered as Geldof announced a need for England to co-operate rather than compete with Scotland.

Geldof told crowds that the issues many Scots had with being part of the union were sentiments echoed by people in England and Wales too.

scottish independence rally trafalgar square

“I keep hearing that one of the main reasons we’re having this argument is that the Scots are fed up with Westminster,” he said.

“I’d like to tell them we’re all fucking fed up of Westminster!”

“I’d like to tell them we’re all fucking fed up of Westminster!”

Sporting a Union Jack manicure Izzard’s rousing speech was greeted with a similar reaction, as he rounded up the rally by echoing the belief that Scotland should remain a part of the United Kingdom family.

He said: “If you care this is the time to say it, to stand up, and if you care about the future of Scotland this is your time to show it.”

Bob Geldof scottish independence rally Trafalgar Square

The event, organised by TV broadcaster and Let’s Stay Together campaigner Dan Snow, was a last-ditch attempt to influence voters before Thursday’s referendum.

Peter Snow, TV presenter and father of the organiser, attended the event to support the “No” campaign.

Peter Snow pro union rally trafalgar square

Following the speeches the 76-year-old explained that the referendum went beyond politics.

He said: “I think Scottish people really need to think twice before voting for something so absolutely unchangeable.

“This referendum is not just about history or politics or the economy it is, as Sir Bob Geldof so brilliantly just put it, about breaking up a family.”

pro union rally eclectic  dressers

Unionists hope that yesterday’s rally will prompt more Scottish “Yes” voters to rethink their support for an independent Scotland in favour of a newly reinforced and reinvigorated United Kingdom.

Featured image of Geldof courtesy of Africa Progress Panel, with thanks

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