Beyond the call of duty: London workaholics answer phone during dates, funerals and on ROLLER COASTERS

London Romeos risk incurring the wrath of their other half, and jeopardising their post-date chances, by taking business calls while out on a date.

One-fifth of ambitious workers have answered work-related phone calls compared to just 8% of Mancunians, according to research by Manchester professional call answering service alldayPA.

Despite their more amorous side it seems that Mancunians are not letting the small matter of death get in the way of business with 9% answering work calls at a funeral compared to 4% of London mourners.

Bizarrely Londoner workers are going above and beyond by combining their thrill-seeking side with more mediocre responsibilites with 5% of people taking a work call on a roller coaster.

In an attempt to redress the work-life balance alldayPA operations manager Gareth Jeffery said the research revealed that work is increasingly leaking into people’s personal lives.

He said: “Business, especially when it is your own, can often take over your life and it is important that it does not.

“The fact that people are taking work calls in Manchester at funerals is well beyond the call of duty and you wonder about the love life down in London.

“Then again they are also taking work calls on roller coasters, so they are obviously thrill seekers.

“In the modern age, customers expect to be in contact 24/7 with businesses but there needs to be a balance from employees with work and personal life.

Picture courtesy of Just Ard, with thanks

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