Biker injured after Hammersmith Broadway accident


Accident is the third major incident in recent months on the busy junction.


By Joel Durston

A woman was taken to hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries, after a lorry ran over her bike near Hammersmith Broadway on Tuesday.    

It is at least the third major accident in recent months on the complex busy junction known as the Hammersmith Gyratory.

The incident follows the death of woman knocked off her bike on Queen Caroline Street and a recent hit and run accident that left a man, Alex Ingram, with serious head injuries

Accidents involving cyclists are disproportionately high. Annually, 146 people are killed on Britain’s roads – one every two and a half days – making cycling about four times as risky as driving.

Over recent years, with environmental issues coming to the fore and schemes such as ‘Boris Bikes’ promoting bicycle use, there has been a renaissance in two-wheeled travel in the capital.

There are now around 480,000 daily cycle journeys in the capital – an 83% increase since the turn of the century.

But while this has been much lauded, many would argue it has not led to greater awareness and safer roads for cyclists.

If the recent statistics are anything to go by, central Hammersmith is particularly dangerous.

The Hammersmith Flyover has an sign on the approach to its East entrance which implies there have been serious issues between cyclists and drivers. It reads: ‘bridge is not suitable for cyclists’.

The Hammersmith and Fulham city council are working to combat this trend.

A spokesman said: “We have a scheme called get moving, which works on improving transport networks for a range of different modes of transport.

“It aims to raise awareness of road safety issues for cyclists and drivers. One way the scheme does this is by setting up stalls, and advising people and handing out leaflets.

“Ultimately, though, I think the responsibility falls with the individual to use the roads safely.”

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