Cats Protection set to open Mitcham centre and tackle feline overpopulation

A feline welfare charity is set to open a new re-homing centre in Mitcham next week.

The new Cats Protection centre, which opens on July 25, aims to re-home up to 50 cats per month through its re-homing and fostering schemes with help from more than 100 volunteers and staff.

The charity vows to tackle the overpopulation of cats in south London by targeting urban areas identified as being of high need.

Development Manager for Cats Protection adoption centres in eastern England, Guy Chadwick, said: “We did comprehensive research to determine where demand for a centre is at its highest and Mitcham, along with neighbouring areas, fits the bill.

“We want to make sure as many urban cats as possible can find new, loving homes and we adapted our building programme accordingly.”

The centre is adopting a ‘flexible’ design, which will allow the centre’s internal structure to be relocated to another urban area when Mitcham’s demand drops.

Cats Protection is always looking for volunteers and potential fosterers.

To find out how you can get involved, visit

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