The Battersea candidates 2019

General Election 2019: Meet the Battersea candidates

By Lucille Brobbey and Jacqueline Shepherd
November 14 2019, 16.36

Labour MP Marsha de Cordova won the Battersea seat in the 2017 election with a 4.4% majority and 25,292 votes leading to a 45.9% share. This was an increase of 9.1% on the previous election in 2015. 

The constituency voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum by 77.95%. Before her victory, Conservative MP Jane Ellison held the seat between 2010-2017. 

Kim Caddy (Conservative)

Kim Caddy is a Wandsworth Councillor and has been a community activist for the past eight years. She has a background in business and is a qualified chartered accountant. 

Mrs Caddy aims to provide more transport links, improve air quality – particularly around schools, introduce more police onto the streets of Battersea, increase employment and introduce training for people to get jobs.

“I want zero unemployment in Wandsworth. I want every one of our residents to have the skills and training to get a job so they can earn a good living and support their families.”

Twitter: @KimCaddy

Lois Davis (Green)

Lois Davis has resided in Battersea for more than 20 years. She teaches English to individuals who speak various other languages within the community education sector. 

“I pledge to give all EU citizens and family members an automatic guarantee of their rights, regardless of the Brexit outcome.”

Twitter: @LoisDavisGreen

Marsha de Cordova (Labour)

“My message for Battersea is let’s build a society that works for everyone.”

As the Shadow Minister for Disabled People, she cites her experience living with visual impairment as the reason she wants to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Ms de Cordova believes everyone should have a decent home and is campaigning for more affordable homes and more social housing. She pledges that under Labour, free childcare and statutory youth services will be introduced.

She says the biggest issue affecting the lives of people in the UK and those in Battersea is Brexit.

“I pledge to give all EU citizens and family members an automatic guarantee of their rights regardless of the Brexit outcome.”

Twitter: @MarshadeCordova

Mark Gitsham (Liberal Democrat)

Mark Gitsham has been a Battersea resident since 2011 and part of the Liberal Democrats since 2016 when he became an active Remain campaigner. 

Mr Gitsham currently works in events and prior to this supported homeless people and young offenders through consulting on outreach programmes, supporting them into settled housing and long-term employment.

He is fighting to stop Brexit and wants to improve funding for schools, the NHS, mental health and radical policies to tackle the climate emergency.”

Twitter: @MarkGitsham

Jake Thomas (Brexit Party)

Twitter: @brexitparty_uk

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