Critical mass london St paul's cathedral image ripped to reveal large group of cyclists

WATCH – Critical Mass: the night bikes rule the streets of London

Critical Mass is a monthly cycle ride happening in London and around the world which can see hundreds of bikes fill the capital’s streets.

London’s Critical Mass has no leaders or set route, attendees meeting by convention at the same spot on the South Bank at the same time all year round since 1994.

The group’s lack of organisation means there is no prescribed objective with people each attending for their own reasons.

Some are protesting for cyclists’ rights and some enjoy riding as a group unconstrained to the cycle lanes.

Its leaderless structure has allowed the group to avoid police regulation and attract a range of people.

In this video, SWLondoner hears from two regular attendees the London Critical Mass, Tony and Jay “The Bike”, to hear why they attend and what keeps them returning.

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