How London is being hit by the cost of living

Despite being one of the most prosperous UK cities, London has some of the highest rates of poverty in the UK.

The cost of living crisis began last summer as energy prices rose and has now become a day-to-day term.

Laura Perkins, from The London Community Foundation said: “There is a lot of inequality that is being accentuated by the rising cost of living, are most vulnerable are becoming more vulnerable.”

London-based communities who are particularly hard hit include certain ethnic groups, carers, people with disabilities, and single parent households.

A large amount is spent on housing in London, more so than anywhere else in the UK, so the increase in cost of living is hitting Londoners especially hard.

According to a NPC report, 15% of Londoners already faced fuel poverty before the increase in prices.

4.7% of Londoners are unemployed, a higher rate than the rest of the UK.

The cost of living is so intense people are struggling to survive week to week, despite the fact that two-thirds of families living in poverty having one adult working.

The increase in rent, food, and energy has pushed people into poverty and others who were already struggling further into poverty.

Naturally, the pressure on statutory services such as councils is now sky high and waiting lists appear to be endless, therefore many are turning to local community organisations for help.

Local community organisations have received a huge increase in demand for their services, not to mention an increase in the complexity of the needs of those going to them.

Community organisations are also struggling with their own costs including electricity, heat, and renting out space.

The cost of living is creating a vicious cycle, Laura Perkins said: “Local organisations are trying to accommodate more people while their costs are also increasing a lot.

“This is really hard and they’re getting very squeezed.”

Community projects and organisations typically rely on funding from donations, the cost of living is inhibiting this too.

Many donations are dropping off and being reduced, according to Perkins: “With the cost of living everybody is feeling the pinch.”

The London Community Foundation is a trusted partner to many small community projects, they support them by accessing funding from stakeholders across London, helping them develop.

Laura Perkins said: “We have a huge network of community projects and organisations.

“We build connections between London stakeholders and we link them to fantastic community projects, so they can make a difference to London.

“There are lot of really good organisations and charities out there that offer advice to individuals.

“I also really recommend that community organisations talk to the people that fund them and ask for help.”

The London Community Foundation’s news letter includes all their latest funding opportunities.

Featured Image Credit: South West Londoner

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