Hey big spender! Men splash out more on their mums than partners but London men buy cheaper bouquets

The men of Britain are mummy’s boys who spend more on their mothers than their partners, claimed a report released this week.

In a show of maternal love, men spent an average of £35 on their mums for Mother’s Day in 2014, 25% more than they splashed on their spouses on Valentines.

Roses remained popular for both bouquets, with romantic red for partners and mums staying in the pink with softer, but pricier, flowers.

The figure comes as part of a growing trend of motherly appreciation, with the average spend on a Mother’s day bouquet up £5 in the past four years.

As much as this may hearten the matriarchs of Britain, the mums of London have the right to feel hard done by.

Despite boasting some of the country’s biggest earners, London sons spend 10% less on flowers for mum than their Scottish counterparts.

The report has been put together by Marks and Spencer who thrive on the booming Mother’s Day market.

M&S Flowers Buyer, Howard Barratt, said: “The Saturday before Mothering Sunday is huge for us as men run in for last minute buys!

“Mother’s Day is the biggest time of year for M&S flowers and our suppliers go in to 24 hour production to meet demand.”

Picture courtesy of slgckgc, with thanks

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