Sutton and Cheam election results: Paul Scully retains seat

By Jordan Camp and Jack Francklin
December 13 2019, 18.00

Conservative candidate Paul Scully has comfortably held his seat in Sutton and Cheam having secured 25,235 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Hina Bokhari secured 16,882 votes, Labour’s Bonnie Craven won 7,200, while Green Party’s Claire Jackson-Prior gained 1,168 votes.

The electoral turnout was 70.6% (50,700) which is down from the 2017 General Election which came in at 73.8% (51,970).

Mr Scully who has held his seat since the 2015 General Election thanked the audience during his victory speech.

He said: “I thank the counting agents and all of my fellow candidates Hina, Bonnie and Claire, you fought a great campaign, a fair campaign and it was good that all the issues I think came out especially in that hustings that we’ve had and I know I want to make that continue.

“So far, it’s looking like a very good result for the conservatives across the country, and I think that’s because there’s a clear message and a clear sense of direction whether that’s getting Brexit done, moving onto a domestic agenda, making sure we have police on the street, funding for our NHS and funding for our education.

Mr Scully shared his hopes for his constituency including improving hospital and school facilities.

He said: “What’s really important is that we see direct action, that sense of purpose here in Sutton as well, so bringing that down to a local level for NHS is about building that new hospital facility here in Sutton.

“For the policeman it’s making sure we get our fair share of police here in Sutton and for schools it’s making sure we get another secondary school built so that we have enough school places while keeping our standards as high as possible to give our children every opportunity.

“Can I thank my team and thank the members of the public who put their trust in me for what I hope this time might be five years of Conservative majority government.”

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