Wandsworth party-goers targeted by technology safety campaign


Posters will be put up on toilet doors in pubs and clubs allowing revellers to scan mobile phones to book cabs home.


By Joel Durston

Party-goers over the festive period will be helped by innovative new technology.

Posters will be put be up on toilet doors in pubs, bars and clubs in Wandsworth, Battersea, Putney and Tooting, which people can scan their mobile phones on to book a cab home.

The posters, which will be put up in the run up to Christmas, will load up a Transport for London page once scanned. The page shows licensed taxi and minicab companies in the area.

The scheme, run by Wandsworth Council and the Metropolitan Police Service, aims to arrest the problem of illegal cab drivers and help women who find themselves in potentially vulnerable situations.

Police intend to crackdown on unlicensed cabs by patrolling areas such as train and tube stations and handing out leaflets with advice on how revellers can stay safe while enjoying the borough’s nightlife.

This is all part of a wider campaign encouraging personal safety, sensible drinking and safe travel over the festive period, with the campaign’s launch event taking place on December 2 at Clapham Junction.

In particular it aims to make women aware of the dangers of excessive drinking and how it makes people particularly vulnerable to crime.

Jonathan Cook, community safety spokesman for Wandsworth Council, said: “We hope [this] will be used by revellers who many have had one too many and need help getting home from a trustworthy source.

“We do not want to see party-goers, particularly young women, putting their personal safety at risk when looking for a way home.”

Wandsworth police’s Detective Sergeant Angela Davies said: “With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations around the corner we want to remind part-goers, especially young women, to do all they can to look after themselves on nights out.

“First and foremost, they should stick with their friends and always make sure they have a safe cab number handy.

“What we don’t want to see is people accepting offers of help getting home from strangers – nor should ever try to take shortcuts when walking.”

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