See the Land Rover Defender and Jaguar XF featured in No Time To Die

The Land Rover Defender and The Jaguar XF which were featured in the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, will be on display at the Guy Salmon Land Rover South West London showroom near Sunbury-on-Thames for the public to see.

This is one of only a handful of branches across the UK which have been given the opportunity to have the cars on display.

The public will be able to see the vehicles in the Guy Salmon Land Rover branch from 10th October until 18th.

Montel, the social media content executive at Guy Salmon Land Rover said: “The reason for the event is that at the moment a lot of car companies cannot give out new cars due to a shortage, so we wanted to give back to the people who cannot get their cars now, especially considering the amount of support our customers have given us throughout the past year.”

Vic and Jag, regular customers at Land Rover who attended the event said: “We just bought the new Land Rover Defender, we are just waiting for its delivery in two weeks’ time.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to see the cars used in the new movie. Sean Connery was definitely the top James Bond for us. But Daniel Craig has not done a bad job at all.”

Andrew Potgieter, head of sales at Guy Salmon South West London, said: “It has been a massive opportunity to have been able to showcase two of the actual vehicles from the latest Bond Movie and allow our customers to get up close and personal bringing these iconic brands together.

“We have had some amazing feedback from clients who have visited us and great to be able to link the story behind the two vehicles to our wonderful clients.”

BATTERED AND BRUISED: Vehicles used in No Time to Die Credit: Land Rover, Guy Salmon Land Rover South West London

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