London flood risk: 59,000 Hammersmith and Fulham homes in danger

Nearly two thirds of homes in Hammersmith and Fulham are at risk of flooding from the Thames according to a recent survey by leading authority on environmental land risks, Groundsure.

The survey which outlines the ten most at-risk boroughs also highlighted Wandsworth and Richmond-upon-Thames as areas at risk.

The borough has 59, 632 properties which are deemed to be at a high risk of river flooding, compared to 39,665 in Newham which was branded the second most at-risk area.

Groundsure’s managing director Dan Montagnani said: “It is essential that you consider the history of flooding in the area you are thinking of buying a home – not just from rivers but also how the land and sewer systems have coped with sudden deluges.

“We all remember the human stories from flooding that everybody wants to avoid.

“Insurance is essential but it can’t replace those precious photos or months of disruption while your home dries out.”

The survey defines an ‘at-risk’ home as having a 1 in 1000 chance of flooding in any given year, and the results were compiled from data from both the census and Environmental Agency.

The news comes shortly before the start of the Flood Re initiative which will allow homeowners in at-risk areas to buy insurance at set prices.

The scheme is intended to help around 350,000 residents within affected areas to insure their houses against flood damage at a reasonable cost.

However the scheme will not cover properties constructed after 2009, nor will it cover commercial properties, bed and breakfasts and leasehold properties.

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