‘Courageous’ terminally-ill boy, 7, and Kingston’s youngest every police recruit is guest of honour at parade

A seven-year-old boy who became Kingston borough’s youngest ever police recruit was the guest of honour at the Metropolitan Police’s first passing out parade of 2015.

Malachi Tyler, who was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and neurofibrosis at the age of one, made a ‘bucket list’ of things he wants to experience during his life, and many of these things involved the police.

Last September a number of his wishes came true when Kingston police locked him in a prison cell, let him place someone in handcuffs and went for a ride in a police car.

Since then Malachi has been invited to visit other commands within the MPS which included Mounted Branch and a visit to No. 10 Downing Street. In October last year he was issued with the badge number ‘PC 999VK’.

Last Friday Malachi completed his latest wish by joining 197 new police recruits to symbolically complete the Met Police training, by participating in a passing out parade.

To ensure that he looked the part, Malachi was issued with his own police uniform which was handmade by the MPS Uniform Services team.

Malachi was also issued an award in recognition of his attendance at the parade.

At the parade Kingston Borough Commander Glenn Tunstall said: “It is a real honour for me to introduce the youngest of our recruits on parade today – to his family he is Malachi Tyler but to us he is PC 999VK Tyler of Kingston Police Station.

“Although he is amongst good company – I would argue that Malachi is one of the bravest people here today.”

At just one Malachi was diagnosed as having a brain tumour, and a month before his second birthday, he lost full use of his sight.

In the last 12 months alone he has undergone many complex and extensive brain surgeries, the last of which took place just three weeks ago.

Borough Commander Tunstall added: “On the day that this little boy visited Kingston Police Station for the first time he won the hearts of every member of staff at Kingston – his positivity, his cheekiness, the constant giggles and ultimately his courage in the face of adversity humbled us all.

“In the Met one of our values is courage – which is epitomised by this little boy and his family.

“Since that time we have adopted Malachi as part of the police family, a family that now stretches across London and across national and international boundaries.”

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