Police officer raises over £40,000 running 10km a day for Matt Ratana

A Lewisham Met Police officer has run 10km each day since 20 November to raise money to support the family of late Sergeant Matt Ratana.

Custody Sergeant Paul Hollis raised over £40,000 organising the event in which participants ran 10km anytime between Friday November 20 and Thursday 10 December.

Hollis, who completed his 21st consecutive 10km run on Thursday, said: “I’ve managed to fit in a run every day, even around my night shifts, with one being 19 laps around Lewisham Police Station at two o’clock in the morning.”

His last run was down memory lane, or from New Scotland Yard to Paddington Green, where Hollis worked with the late Sergeant Ratana.

Hollis had no idea his campaign would attract so much support both at home and abroad, originally placing an order for just 100 bespoke T-shirts and medals for participants.

But more than 2000 people signed up, including police forces, firefighters and ambulance crews across the country.

Hollis said: “I initially only expected around 100 people to sign up but I’ve been overwhelmed with support from everyone.

“I know that the event has gone global with people running in Matt’s honour in various parts of the world, even as far away as Pakistan.

“I’ve ended up running 10km every day without fail since 20 November and this wasn’t part of my original plan at all!”

Sergeant Matt Ratana, 54, died after being shot in a custody suite at Croydon Police Station on 25 September.

Louis de Zoysa, 23, was arrested on suspicion of the murder on 13 November.

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