Merton gets a blast of culture as new arts initiative takes over Wimbledon Library


Culture Blast 2013 takes place this Sunday.


By Hannah Pupkewitz

The launch of ‘Culture Blast’, a high profile arts-events initiative aiming to utilise non-art venues, will transform Wimbledon Library into a free hub of art and music.

DJ WrongTom will present Dub Music Workshops and BBC 1XTRA Hip Hop Champion, DJ Bobafat, will run through a live set on the history of Hip Hop.

“The event is bringing together a multicultural smorgasbord of music, art, and food whilst promoting public spaces – what’s not to love?” said  DJ WrongTom.
“I was born in South Wimbledon so, for better or worse, I’ll always be a Womble.

“I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the South West London suburbs, a lot of the area seems like a cultural vacuum with too many chain pubs, cafes and shops but there are still some amazing places and there’s a rich history of music.”

The event hopes to attract people who wouldn’t usually set foot in a library whilst taking advantage of the space to shed a bit of light on the rich cultural heritage of the borough

Running alongside the music, will be original Essex Rocker, Parlee working with people of all ages using pens and paper to explore the roots of graffiti.

The event also includes Hip Hop Arts Club, an interactive art installation by artist Lauren Brown, which will use lyrics and text as a mode to create other art forms.

“This show is a new introduction to the area and feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship,’’ she said. 

“I’m not sure if the word ‘love’ is too strong for how I feel about the initiative but I’m pretty excited by it and I’ll be having a good time regardless of who turns up. That’s pretty close to love.

‘‘I am a library kid from way back, so any opportunity to combine books and my love of music is pretty much a winner for me.’’

The event, taking place between 11 and 6pm, will also include four film Screenings about dub step, hip hop, graffiti and street art; Beat, Style Wars, Dub Echoes and Exit Through The Gift Shop.

“I’m really excited that the council’s brilliant arts team is hosting the Culture Blast at Wimbledon Library,’’ said Councillor Nick Draper Merton’s Cabinet member for community and culture.

“It’ll be fun, noisy, and completely in tune with our wonderful borough.”

Calcuttan Street Food samples created and curated by chef Asma Khan will be served at the event.

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