Catalan protesters picket Spanish Embassy in Chelsea to raise awareness of independence campaign blocked by Madrid

A peaceful protest to support the ongoing Catalan independence movement will be held outside the Spanish Embassy in South West London this evening.

The Catalan National Assembly in England (ANC) will be staging a protest outside the Spanish Embassy to raise awareness of, and gain support Catalonia’s proposed November 9 referendum vote.

The Spanish Embassy is hosting an event to celebrate Hispanic Day which commemorates Christopher Columbus first setting foot in the Americas.

The Catalan parliament passed an act which allowed a referendum on independence for Catalonia last month, a historic moment in modern Spain and the first legal step towards a more federal system.

However last week the Spanish Constitutional Court banned the independence consultation, an unsurprising move from Madrid central government.

Following last week’s ban this is the latest peaceful protest organised by the Catalan National Assembly in England.

A representative of the ANC said: “At this crucial time, unity is our strongest power to defend the democracy.”

This protest follows the ANC’s launch of the ‘Petition to the World’ which calls on ‘all citizens of the world who believe in democracy to sign a petition in support of the Catalan right to vote on independence’.

The petition will include an explanation of the self-determination vote, and the ANC will deliver the signatures to the leaders of countries whose citizens sign it.

This evening’s demonstration will be held from 6-9.30pm outside the embassy, 39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB.

Picture courtesy of Catalan National Assembly, with thanks

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