Environment debate to be held in Merton ahead of London elections

An election debate will be held in Merton, allowing the public to quiz Greater London Assembly (GLA) candidates on environmental issues.

Candidates for the Merton and Wandsworth constituencies will be at the free election debate in Merton, moderated by Diana Sterck, at Merton Arts Space in Wimbledon Library on Thursday, 11th April at 7.30pm.

Ahead of the London elections next month, Sustainable Merton has partnered with Merton Friends of the Earth and Merton Cyclists Group to give local residents in Merton and Wandsworth a rare opportunity to ask questions and hear local candidates debate their environmental policies.

Gabriel Partos, Co-ordinator of Merton Friends of the Earth, says: “This pre-election debate is a great opportunity for residents of Merton and Wandsworth to ask candidates standing for election to the Greater London Assembly about what they would do to make London a cleaner, greener city.

“Friends of the Earth believe that after the debate all candidates will be better informed about their voters’ demand for more green jobs and green spaces, less traffic and pollution and more money to be spent to help householders insulate their homes to keep heating bills down.”

YOUR TIME TO VOTE: The London Assembly will advise the next Mayor of London voted in 2nd May.

Four candidates have confirmed their attendence, Labour’s Leonie Cooper, the Green Party’s Pippa Maslin, Conservative Eleanor Cox, and Liberal Democrat Sue Wixley.

Elected to the London Assembly in 2016, Cooper is a part of the London Assembly’s Environment Committee and Economy Committee; she is continuing her work in environmental sustainability and campaigning for air quality.

Maslin led a successful petition to declare a climate emergency to Merton Council in 2019 and to review its current carbon reduction plans.

She also worked alongside the council as part of a Climate Emergency Working Group, to create a Climate Strategy and Action Plan.

Cox is a sports enthusiast and long-term business supporter, placing affordable housing and a cleaner, safer London at the heart of her campaign.

She said: “Incentivising people to make better environmental choices will deliver a sustainable London.

“We should offer rewards for eco-friendly-choices, like using public transport, and installing energy-efficient home upgrades, in order to cultivate responsibility, and create a cleaner, greener, city for all.”

Wixley is a strategic communications and marketing lead for a charity committed to tackling global air pollution.

CLEAN AIR: The GLA will be tackling air pollution in London.

Diana Sterck, CEO of Sustainable Merton said: “As Merton’s local environmental charity, Sustainable Merton is delighted to provide an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns about the climate to those who can influence policy change and hold the Mayor of London accountable.

“We need urgent action at all levels and this event offers a platform for communities and candidates to come together for a more sustainable future.”

The mayoral election is due to take place 2nd May with Sadiq Khan, Susan Hall, and Zoë Garbett running for Mayor of London as members of Labour, Conservative and Green Party respectively.

The GLA, democratically elected simultaneously with the Mayor, has 25 members.

11 of its members are elected by a city-wide ballot, while another 14 will be elected in individual constituencies such as Merton and Wandsworth.

The Assembly hold the Mayor of London, currently Labour’s Sadiq Khan, publicly and democratically accountable for his decisions.

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Featured Image: Campaigning for Climate Action.

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