The Crown actor Tobias Menzies who played Prince Philip pays respects using Shakespeare

London-born actor Tobias Menzies who portrayed Prince Philip in the later seasons of the hugely successful Netflix series, The Crown, paid his respects to the Duke of Edinburgh with a Shakespeare quote.

Having gotten to know Prince Philip’s character by playing him in the crown, he tweets that the Duke wouldn’t have wanted Menzies opinion so instead quoted ‘As You Like It’, the Shakespeare play.

“O good old man, how well in thee appears

The constant service of the antique world”

This quote is from Act two, Scene three, of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’.

Its use celebrates Prince Philip’s commitment to the country as the longest serving consort of a British Monarch.

Many fans commented on Menzies’ post to describe how his portrayal of Prince Philip humanised the royal family for them.

Menzies was nominated for a golden globe for his portrayal of Prince Philip last year.

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith who played Prince Philip as a young man in the first two series of The Crown also payed his respects.

He said: “Prince Philip was the man and he knew it.

“Thank you for your service old chap – it won’t be the same without you.”

Photo credits: Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1927

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