Modest funeral at Prince Philip’s request, just as Prince Albert did 160 years ago

Prince Philip’s funeral will take place on Saturday April 17, and will be televised.

The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh has been years in the planning under the code name ‘Operation Forth Bridge’. However these plans will have to be cut back due to coronavirus.

It was the instruction of the Duke himself that the occasion is to be a more modest affair given that current government restrictions prohibit mass gatherings, meaning plans for a military procession of his coffin have been abandoned.

In normal times thousands would have been expected to congregate on the streets of Windsor.

A military parade was put on for the last prince consort, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. This was followed by a service at St. George’s chapel, Windsor Castle – the same chapel that is to be used for the Duke of Edinburgh.

The full arrangements for the Duke’s funeral have not been released but they are likely to echo that of Prince Albert’s, a private and low-key ceremony with a limited number of guests. Prince Harry will make the journey over from the US to attend.

Both consorts share a similar background. Both came to England from a foreign land and were considered insufficient matches for their respective queens.

In their own ways they were considered private individuals despite being public figures, it is expected this will be reflected in how the Duke is laid to rest.

Both leave behind a legacy of public duty. Prince Albert thrived in his role as advisor to Queen Victoria and took a keen interest in social issues, advocating for a change in child labour laws and acting as a driving force behind several factory acts.

Prince Philip will likewise be remembered for his contribution to society, most notably, in the way of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Featured image credit: Gabby Clare.

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