Can these tots Handel Bach? Toddlers introduced to Brahms and Mozart during Wimbledon classical concert

Tiny tots are being given the opportunity to experience Proms-worthy concerts in child-friendly settings across south west London thanks to a group of classical musicians.

Bach to Baby invites parents to bring their children, some just two days old, to enjoy live classical music in a relaxed environment.

Feeding, crying, dancing and nappy changing are just some of the challenges musicians face, but founder and award-winning pianist Miaomiao Yu explained that it was just part of the package.

She said: “I didn’t want to dumb it down for children.

“Studies show the positive effects of classical music and children are like little sponges at this stage.

“Why shouldn’t they be allowed to experience the same high calibre performances as that enjoyed by adults in the best concert halls of the world?”

Last week Wimbledon’s Holy Trinity Church welcomed more than 50 parents to an hour of quality music where youngsters played and sang along.

Wimbledon violist Emmanuella Reiter who performed at the concert explained she created a programme that would give youngsters a taster of the genre.

She said: “I tried to choose a programme that was varied but appropriate for all sorts of ages.

“It’s about introducing music to children who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to hear it.”

The show included traditional classical pieces alongside much-loved nursery rhymes.

Mum Katherine Balthasar has been bringing her two-year-old daughter to the concerts since she was just three months old.

She said: “When she was born, with lack of sleep and all the baby activities, I thought that it would be a good way for me as well to enjoy the moment.

“It’s really something to look forward to!”

While many studies have implied there are educational benefits for children listening to classical music, Ms Yu maintains that her aim is just to provide an enjoyable family experience.

She said: “We don’t put an age limit on this because what we’re looking for is a true family concert which includes everyone from zero to 100.”

Bach to Baby hosts regular performances across South London, Kent and Surrey with upcoming shows in Clapham, Putney and Wimbledon.

For more information visit www.bachtobaby.com

Pictures courtesy of Alejandro Tamagno, with thanks

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