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Green Party’s Zoë Garbett adds new elements to London Mayoral Election campaign

Zoë Garbett believes she brings new elements to the Green Party’s London Mayoral campaign from her predecessor Sian Berry.

Garbett was officially unveiled as the Green’s candidate for the 2024 London Mayoral Election this morning, succeeding Berry who led the party’s campaign in 2008, 2016 and 2021.

While thankful to her colleague for the support to her campaign and her importance to the party, Garbett believed she can bring something different to the table.

She said: “I think I bring that real community campaigner element to this election.


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“I’ve got my experience of working in the NHS and understanding the root causes of issues. I’m just really excited to be a champion of our policies.”

Garbett mentioned how much of an asset her predecessor still was to the party, crediting her involvement with the London Assembly to earn more funding for youth services and lobbying for rent control from the government.

“Sian is an absolutely amazing campaigner,” she said. “She’s a huge asset to the party and been really supportive of my campaign.”

Garbett’s vision

In her first speech in front of the city hall at Newham, Garbett revealed her excitement about the election and the party’s growing momentum.

“We are building momentum across the country and people are liking what they’re seeing when they’ve got elected Greens and see the difference that it makes,” she said.

“We have the energy, ideas and candidates to run our most ambitious campaign yet – not just to set the agenda but to turn city hall Green in 2024.”

She addressed the need to act on many issues plaguing London – from the cost of living to climate change.

She emphasised the focus on public transport and cleaner air quality in the city as part of their goal to build a ‘fairer and greener’ London.

The party plan to go around the city to hear of residents’ concern, share their vision and garner as much support as possible for their mission.

Background to the election

The Green Party finished third in voting during the past two mayoral elections, with Berry garnering 5.8% of votes in 2016 before increasing to 7.8% in 2021.

Current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan won the last two mayoral elections in 2016 and 2021.

The Labour Party selected him as their candidate last Decemeber, with the chance of a third term as mayor.

The Conservative Party have not announced their candidate for 2024 as of now.

Garbett finished second in the 2022 elections for Mayor of Hackney and was a member of the Green Party since 2016. She is a councillor for the Dalston ward in Hackney.

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