Sweet-toothed Londoners would find it easier to give up SEX than chocolate

Almost a quarter of Londoners would find it easier to give up sex than chocolate, according to figures released by the British Heart Foundation.

Chocolate was voted the hardest thing to quit, with 24% of Londoners said they would find sex, alcohol and caffeine easier to ditch than chocolate.

It seems that it’s not just a biscuit with our tea that Brits love – it’s a chocolate one, as BHF polled 3,000 people who revealed just how much our nation loves chocolate.

Almost half of Londoners (48%) have lied to their partner about how much they are eating, while a third of adults said they sneak a secret chocolate treat on their way home from work.

“It’s amazing the lengths we’ll go to so that we can hide just how much we love our favourite sweet treat,” said Tracy Parker, heart health dietician at the BHF.

Concealed behind the fridge door was the favourite grazing spot of one in seven chocoholics, while the same number took their chocolate to bed.

More than 10% of secret eaters wait until their significant other leaves the room before scoffing the sweet stuff.

Another 44% said they have hidden chocolate wrappers to disguise their chocolate indulgences and 46% said they have a secret stash tucked away for emergencies.

The average sweet-toothed chocolate chomper consumes almost three bars a week, equalling a gut-busting 150 bars a year.

The BHF is encouraging people to take part in the first ever DECHOX, a challenge to not eat any chocolate in March in order to save money, lose weight and raise money for life-saving research.

Dechoxers are encouraged to raise money through sponsors, as well as donating the money they’ve saved from avoiding the tempting chocolate bar after work.

But for real chocoholics who are cuckoo for cocoa, BHF have provided a ‘cheat’ menu, where you can buy off your guilt along with your sweet splurge.

With a single fine of £3 for a chocolate bar, up to £20 for a day off, confectionary crushes can be indulged if you just have to have a treat.

But a month of deprivation could have its own rewards, ditching the average three bars a week would also cause people to lose up to 11 pounds (5kg) a year!

Tracy Parker said: “A bit of chocolate is fine in moderation but it should be a treat. If you’ve got into the habit of eating a lot of chocolate then giving it up for a month is a great way to get into healthier habits.”

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