Helping hands for young people: Foundation honours staff and volunteers in Tooting

Volunteers and supporters are to be honoured in the Jimmy Asher Foundation’s first appreciation ceremony in Tooting tomorrow.

An annual ceremony has celebrated the life of the foundation’s namesake over the years, but will thank those who have contributed to the foundation’s work for the first time this year.

Jimmy Asher Maye, an advocate for the integration of youth into the community, died four years ago, sparking the founding of the charity with the slogan ‘helping hands for young people’.

“He was such a father figure to people where we live in Balham so we started the foundation to engage and inspire young people,” said his son, foundation CEO and co-founder Joseph Maye.

“Every year we celebrate his life but this year we wanted to incorporate the foundation and those who have worked towards it and contributed to the programmes and everything else we deliver.”

The foundation runs projects for young people including photography workshops, mixed martial arts, holiday clubs and furniture upcycling workshops and healthy cooking classes.

“We need people like Joseph and the foundation to steer young people in the right direction, get them away from knife and gun crime and support them,” said Merton Councillor Joan Henry, who will hand out certificates at the ceremony.

“Projects like these give young people the opportunity to form friendships and relationships in their training. It’s not only in the UK but it’s is expanding as far as Africa; they are reaching people all over the world.”

The appreciation ceremony takes place at Tooting Grove Club Room, Effort Street, from 7pm on December 10.

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