Donald Trump wins Florida making him clear favourite to be US President

Donald Trump has won Florida – the key state that has been crucial in the last two elections.

The sunshine state with a population of 20.3 million wins Trump 29 votes in the electoral college.

Hillary Clinton won votes in the more-populated counties such as Broward and Miami-Dade but it wasn’t enough as Trump won the majority votes in a staggering 58 of the total 67 counties that make up the state of Florida.

Trump, who has never been ahead in any of the CBS News polls until tonight, has appealed to many blue collar workers as 52% of Americans have cited the economy as the major issue of this election.

Clinton’s inability to clean up with the white collared college educated women in these battleground states is also significant.

Florida was the biggest and most significant battleground state that was in the balance tonight.

The sunshine state caused huge controversy in the Al Gore and George W Bush election when US news channels called it early for Gore when it eventually went to Bush and the Republicans.

There will not be a recount needed this year.

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