Eclectic cohort of musicians bring all that jazz to Herne Hill Music Festival

The smooth sounds of jazz, contemporary choirs and feel-good folk will be livening up Lambeth as the Herne Hill Music Festival takes over from October 9 to 18.

The festival focuses on an eclectic mix of music, as musical director Alan Taylor is proud to boast, everything ‘from Classical to folk, school groups to professional musicians’.

Unlike the pop festival giants of Glastonbury and Reading, Herne Hill Music Festival aims to bring a far more personal feel.

Founded in 2011 by composer Mr Taylor, who gives his music away for free, it has grown from a one-man show to whole team of creative partnerships.

“It is a far more intimate festival,” Mr Taylor said.

“We are inside rooms above pubs and in some cases churches. Even through the location we are far more integrated into the community.”

Mr Taylor is proud of the development, from a ‘bit of a sham’ in its first year it has now grown into a non-profit community group backed by several local businesses.

The acts performing range from professionals such as Harriet Eaves, a jazz singer, to successful community led groups like the London Saxophone Choir.

Local band based in Dulwich, Polka Nova, opened the taster session on September 6    and said any opportunity to play for a local crowd is a welcome one.

Mr Taylor stressed how this is a festival which has the simple aim of engaging with the community of South London.

“It is smaller, but sometimes that’s better,” he said.

Picture courtesy of Ali Wade, with thanks

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