RESULT: Chuka Umunna holds Streatham

Chuka Umunna has emphatically retained his seat in Streatham, obtaining 38,240 of the vote.

The former shadow business secretary secured victory ahead of Conservative candidate Kim Caddy who gained 11,927 votes.

Mr Umunna has been the Member of Parliament for Streatham since 2010, and had been tipped as a future leader of the Labour party.

“I’m stunned,” Mr Umunna said: “We have marched forward today and got closer to government.

“It is fantastic to see the increased turn out in the Streatham constituency tonight, particularly among young people.

“That is extremely welcome indeed. I am truly honoured and humbled to be elected for the third time.

“This is a culturally rich and diverse community, brimming with enthusiasm, and optimism for the future. That is what our borough here in Lambeth is all about.

“Tonight has shown the enduring strength of the Labour movement, in the face of a relentlessly negative Tory campaign and a vitriolic assault from the media. We have united as a party.”

Mr Umunna was keen to distance himself from any speculation that he may seek to replace Jeremy Corbyn in the near future as Labour Party leader.

“There is absolutely no question hanging over Jeremy’s leadership”, he said.

“I want to see Labour get in Government and I will help in any way that I can.

“The only person who has a question hanging over their leadership is Theresa May.”

Alex Davies of the Liberal Democrats came third with 3,611 of the vote while Nicole Griffiths of the Greens came fourth with 1,696 of the votes.

Chuka Umunna (Labour) 38,240, Kim Caddy (Conservative) 11,927, Alex Davies (Liberal Democrats) 3,611 Nicole Griffiths (Green ) 1,696 Robert Stephenson (UKIP) 349.

Labour hold, majority 26,313 (+11766)

Turnout: 71%

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