Prince Philip’s involvement in Wildlife Conservation

Prince Philip leaves behind a lasting legacy in wildlife conservation.

Prince Philip had a lifelong passion for wildlife and supported various zoos, including ZSL London Zoo and WWF.

He was President of ZSL from 1960-1977 and an Honorary Fellow since 1977.

From opening exhibits, to setting up prestigious awards to encourage young conservationists, he had a huge involvement in making ZSL what it is now.

He visited 143 countries in an official capacity and was involved with around 992 organisations, comments from his wildlife involvement can be found below.

ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo’s Tribute to the Late Prince Philip

ZSL commented: “HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh had a lifelong passion for wildlife. He supported ZSL for many years. We are so grateful to HRH Prince Philip and the Royal Family, who remain in our thoughts at this sad time.

“He leaves a lasting legacy at ZSL, where his passion for wildlife and conservation will live on.”

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

In 1961 the Duke became the first president of the World Wildlife Fund UK, becoming the organisations international president in 1981 till 1996.

Australian Conservation Foundation

Prince Philip founded Australia’s first ever environmental organisation, The Australian Conservation Foundation and today it is Australia’s most prominent environmental organisation.

There has been no official comment from the foundation as of yet.

Prince Philip calls for unity in the Conservation Movement at the annual meeting of ACF (17th October 1973)
Retweeted by Australian Conservation Fund

Featured Image Credit: Biblico Archives on Flickr

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Patrick Shawa
Patrick Shawa
16 April 2021 1:07 pm

many thanks for the good work he did for the world, deepest condolence to the world and the family

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