The London Charity, with the help of volunteers, is using their coat collection campaign to provide help to those who are vulnerable and in need this winter.

London charity using coat collection campaign to help those in need

Charity ‘HandsOn London’, with the help of more than 1,600 volunteers, are using their coat collection campaign to help those who are vulnerable and in need.

HandsOn London set up the initiative ‘WrapUp London’ in November 2011 with a simple aim: collecting coats and warm clothing from donations which are then distributed to disadvantaged people.

Since then, more than 200,000 coats have been distributed nationwide, with an average of between 20,000 to 30,000 coats collected annually.

The initiative has helped many groups in need during the cold winter period.

Jon Meech, Chief Executive of HandsOn London, said: “Our mission is to make sure that there is a warm coat for everybody in the city who needs it.

“Anyone with a coat they don’t need can help someone this winter.

“I think that WrapUp shows what can be achieved when people come together as a community to help those most in need.”

The coats collected at various London sites are distributed through community organisations, such as homeless and refugee charities, and also community groups supporting low-income families.

This year, collections will run until 3rd December across the city.

The month-long event is kicking off with tube station collections from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th November at Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Waterloo and London Bridge.

Now entering its 13th year, WrapUp London has become one of the largest winter volunteering events in the city.

The initiative has between 2,500 and 3,000 dedicated volunteers every year, with 1,600 people volunteering in London alone.

Meech said: “Thanks to the volunteers who take part, a real community has been created which is lovely.

“People feel empowered and there is a real connection to the cause.”

SPREADING WARMTH: HandsOn London and volunteers are dedicated to providing warm clothing to as many people as they can. (Photo Credit: HandsOn London)

The initiative has also grown nationwide with 141 different ‘WrapUp’ donation sites all across the UK: ranging from Brighton to Newport, all the way up to Glasgow.

Meech said: “The initiative that started off helping one homeless charity in North London is now a nationwide collective campaign, it’s fantastic.”

The initiative has even gone international, as ‘WrapUp Berlin’ is launching next week with the same aim of teaming up with charities to help homeless communities, refugees and families in the city.

The Chief Executive of HandsOn London also highlighted that donating a coat is only part of the wider beneficial aid provided to those who are disadvantaged.

Meech said: “Our charity partners work extensively to ensure that individuals and families in need not only receive coats, but gain access to other services and support from experts.”

Despite the ongoing challenges facing many people in London, Meech believes that WrapUp London is an example of how all Londoners can contribute to giving others a helping hand.

You can volunteer for WrapUp London using the link:

Feature Image Credit: HandsOn London

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