George W Bush did not vote for Republican Donald Trump OR Democrat Hillary Clinton

George W Bush, the last Republican President of the United States, didn’t vote for Donald Trump, a spokesperson has confirmed.

Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, put in an early vote two weeks ago, but didn’t vote for Trump, a Bush spokesman has confirmed.

Bush’s brother, Jeb, was originally in the running to become the Republican nominee, but he withdrew after an eight-month campaign.

The Bush family was also quick to deny they voted for Hillary Clinton, as previously claimed by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

“That is not true, and he [Limbaugh] should apologise,” said Freddy Ford, the Bush spokesman.

Ford refused to confirm who the Bushes voted for – with most believing they could have left the President section of the ballot blank.

Trump has said he thinks it’s ‘sad’ that he didn’t get the backing of former President Bush.

“When I see George Bush do that, and look, I was very critical of him for getting us into Iraq, which was obviously a horrible decision, and getting out the way Obama got us out was a horrible way to get out too,” said Trump.

“I don’t think it has any impact, frankly. I think it has no impact.”

Most believe that given Bush’s involvement with Republican Senator Rob Portman’s campaign, he will have just voted in the ‘down ballot’ races.

Trump previously had a bitter debate with Jeb Bush towards the end of the latter’s campaign.

George Bush Sr has reportedly said he will be voting for Democrat Clinton.

Image courtesy of McConnell Center via Flickr, with thanks

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