The top five most popular job vacancies in London

London is a dream city for many children and adults.

Many people are looking for a chance to get their dreams real either by studying or finding a job in London.

But everyone knows that finding a job in one of the most popular destinations in Europe is not that easy, so in this article you will find the list of the top five most prevailing job positions to move and live your beautiful life in London.

1. Project managers 

In any industry, there is a need for a project manager or “PM” and your area of expertise notwithstanding, you can find a PM position in most of companies.

PMs are responsible for managing, delivering, and organization of projects, tasks, or any other business on time and this person is in direct contact with sometimes the company director, boss, or CEO. 

The average annual salary of a project manager is £43,000. 

2. Customer assistant/shop assistant

The retail sphere is in demand in many hustle and bustle cities and if a person goes to London, it is unlikely they will return home with no souvenirs or window shopping.

Many places in London are so crowded with customers that every shop may have at least five customer assistants.

So what does a customer assistant do? Their main job is to offer advice or help to customers face-to-face, over a phone, or in the format of messages.

The assistant is there to help the customer in any way they can regarding any query or problem that a customer may experience. 

A shop assistant is the same, but only works in shops and has direct communication with the customer.

He or she is responsible for greeting and welcoming customers, arrange payments and doing everything related to the store management. 

The average annual salary of a customer or shop assistant ranges between £16,000 and £17,000. 

3. Business analyst

The duties of a business analyst include, but are not limited to, strategic planning, data analysis for future campaigns, market research and more.

Usually, a strong knowledge of how business works is required for the position and experience in the business sphere and education in business, management, or finance may be needed.

Business analysts are in demand in every non-profit organization, companies or small start-ups.

The main skill is to foresee where the company goes and plan strategies according to it. 

The average annual salary of a business analyst is £42,000.

4. Information technology specialist

In today’s techno lead world, it is common to see many job advertisements for software developers, engineers, full-stack developers, and data scientists.

This is a totally future-proof secure job opportunity for IT specialists, as every single area is connected to IT in some way, which is why there are so many job openings in this sector.

The main duties of an IT specialist depending on their branch of specialization, are that they are responsible for securing systems of companies, managing and analysing data, scripting formalities, writing and structuring webpages, and many more.

You may be asked to create an app or webpage for a company, so if you know programming languages, you are expected to have more chances to find a job in this sphere. 

The average annual salary of a business analyst is £45,000.

5. Teachers

Of course, we cannot forget teachers.

Secondary school teachers are more in demand in London currently and native speakers of the language of instruction are preferred.

However, there are also many vacancies in primary schools and universities.

This category includes leadership teachers, in other words, department heads, and headteachers.

Having a background in education, psychology or humanities is required. 

Annual salary depends on whether it is a primary or secondary school, and being a headteacher or not.

Overall, salary ranges between £25,714 and £73,500.

Featured image credit: KrakenHammer via Wikipedia under CC 3.0 license

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