General Election 2015: Labour’s Siobhain McDonagh retains Mitcham and Morden seat

Siobhain McDonagh has held the Labour parliamentary seat of Mitcham and Morden for the fifth consecutive time in tonight’s General Election.
 Ms McDonagh has had an increase in Labour voters on the  2010 election by 4.2% as she took the lions share of the votes with 60.7% of voters choosing the labour candidate.
In her campaign for this election Ms McDonagh has campaigned strongly on against increasing the rate of VAT and an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency.
She said: “I feel very overwhelmed, 17,000 votes is just a little bit difficult to take in at the moment. I am desperate to speak to my sister about it but I can’t get through to her, I feel very humbled people have put that faith in me and I hope I can make good on their faith.
“People talk to me about the problems they have, I have been out knocking on doors so I haven’t been able and I need to get back on top of it. That’s the first job I will have.”
She was first elected in 1997 and her time in Westminster hasn’t been without controversy. In 2008, she lost her position as junior whip after calling for a leadership contest to oust Gordon Brown from the helm.
Mitcham & Morden
 Siobhain McDonagh (Labour) 27,380 Paul Holmes (Conservative) 10,458, Diana Coman (Liberal Democrat) 1,378, Mason Redding (Green) 1,422, Richard Hilton (UKIP) 4,287, Des Coke (CPA) 217.
Labour hold, majority 16,922
Turnout: 45,142 65.9%
2010 result: Labour: 24,722 (56.4%), Conservative: 11,056 (25.2%), Lib Dem: 5,202 (11.9%), BNP: 1,386 (3.2%), Green: 381 (0.9%), UKIP: 857 (2%), Independent: 155 (0.4%), Others: 38 (0.1%)

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