General Election 2015: Labour’s Chuka Umunna retains Streatham

Chuka Umunna held his Streatham seat for Labour with 53% of the vote.

The shadow business secretary swept to victory with 26,474 votes ahead of Conservative candidate Kim Caddy who secured 12,540 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Amna Ahmad came third with 4,491 votes, while Green Party candidate Jonathan Bartley boosted his party’s tally from 2010 by 7.1% with 4,421 votes.

UKIP candidate Bruce Machan came fifth with 1,602 votes as turnout touched 66%.

Mr Umunna said: “In terms of the bigger picture I’m not going to say anything about that because the results are still unfolding.

“I’m absolutely behind Ed Miliband, he ran a fantastic campaign and I’m really proud of the campaign he led.

“It has been an election about the future and our campaign nationally did put forward, positive, hopeful solutions.

“It’s an immense honour and privilege to be re-elected to the job I love doing for the community I grew up in.

“I’ve never taken anybody’s support for granted. The results show nobody can feel entitled to anyone’s support and I feel deeply humbled that the people have put their trust in me again.

“There is a lot of change going on in our community. Gentrification is something that we need to have a comprehensive discussion about.

“It’s more complex than some have suggested and how we transition is something we all need to be involved in.

“One thing I’m clear on it’s not for politicians, no matter who they are, to impose a view of how we do things in Brixton and it’s got to be a community-led exploration of where we want to take things.

“The highlight of the campaign is just being on the streets and talking to people.

“There is a lot of love for the labour party actually, there is tangible things people have seen in the community while we’ve been in power.”

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