Forget One Direction! Green Party launches spoof election boy band video in bid to ‘change the tune’

Distraught One Direction fans mourning Zayn Malik’s exit from the group may well have found a new boy band to salivate over during the 2015 general election campaign.

The Green Party have today launched their spoof party election broadcast featuring Coalition, who sing about their love of austerity and fracking, in a bid to get voters to ‘change the tune’.

Green Party General Election 2015 broadcast dancing
LET’S DANCE! The look-a-like leaders bust a move

The video, featuring look-a-likes of Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and Farage, show the quartet posing behind podiums, sitting drinking in a gentlemen’s club and posing in front of a money sign while crooning about their policies.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said: “For many years the Establishment parties have been singing from the same hymn sheet.

“The Westminster consensus – which sees all other parties sign up to austerity economics, privatisation of our public services and inaction on climate change – is coming to an end.

“The Green Party is offering a real alternative to business-as-usual politics.”

Green Party General Election 2015 broadcast leaders posing
CHANGING THE TUNE? The Green Party attempts to engage voters

The video is sandwiched between a political appeal from the party urging people not to vote tactically.

It’s due to be broadcast at 5.55pm on BBC2 on April 9.

Green Party General Election 2015 broadcast Number 10PARTY TIME! ‘Nigel Farage’ playing air guitar

All images and video courtesy of Green Party, with thanks

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