An e-bike which is discarded on the pavement. The route to pass is very narrow because there is a signpost on the other side of the pavement.

Mobility scooter user faces problems with pavements in New Malden

Bins and e-bikes left on pavements and tree roots breaking through the surface are only some of the problems mobility scooter users face, according to one New Malden resident.

A Centre for London report found that 47% of street clutter had a moderate or severe impact on the walkability of pavements for pedestrians in central London.

Street clutter can include A-boards, disused phone boxes, bin bags and discarded bikes.

However, this is not only an issue faced by pedestrians as mobility scooter users can be blocked from pavements by street clutter.

This is alongside long-term problems with pavements such as the location and state of dropped curbs.

For Shelley McLean in New Malden, the state of pavements has a direct impact on her daily life as it can restrict the ease with which she can travel.

Watch the full video below:

WATCH: Mobility scooter user explains the problems she faces on a daily basis.

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