Battersea Liberal Democrat candidate confident his party will outperform pollsters’ predictions

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Battersea today predicted his party would win more seats than the polls suggest, and warned of the dangers posed by a minority government.

Luke Taylor is fighting a tough battle for the Battersea seat, which was won by Conservative candidate Jane Ellison in 2010 with 47% of the vote.

He is spending the final hours of today’s election battle campaigning for his party in Twickenham.

Mr Taylor said the polls, which are predicting a collapse in numbers of Liberal Democrat seats, do not reflect the impression he has gained from knocking on doors to speak to voters.

“I think we will do considerably better than the polls,” he said.

“I would be hopeful of retaining at least 40 seats, the predictions showing 20 are very far off the mark.”

Mr Taylor did not rule out the possibility of the Liberal Democrats joining a coalition with either the Conservatives of Labour, and added that a coalition would be preferable to a minority government.

“We have shown that we can make it work,” he said.

“We need to have a strong and stable government.

“If there is a minority government I think there would be a real risk to the UK economy.”

Feature image of Luke Taylor, centre, at a hustings event in Battersea, courtesy of Luke Taylor

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