Prolific Tooting Common flytippers jailed for four years after string of environmental offences

Two flytippers responsible for dumping tonnes of rubbish on Tooting Common and across south London were both jailed for four years this week.

Billy Smith, of Orpington, and James Rice, of Bromley, were handed the sentence after a Maidstone Crown Court judge heard how they offered to clear away waste for a discount price before just discarding it nearby.

On June 3 the pair approached a builder on Moring Road, Tooting, and offered to take away his waste only to leave it on Tooting Common, resulting in a flytip measuring 80m in length.

Wandsworth’s environment spokesman, Councillor Jonathan Cook, said: “This tough sentence should act as a severe warning to anyone tempted to flytip.

“The judge has sent out a very clear message about the fate that lies in store for anyone convicted of serious environmental crimes.”

Mr Smith and Mr Rice are said to have committed offences in Sevenoaks, Tooting, West Wickham, South Norwood, Sidcup, Keston and Bromley.

Call 020 8871 6396 with any information about rubbish being dumped.

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