Come face to face with butterflies at popular National History Museum exhibition


Visitors have one week left to visit.


By Andrew Baker

As the long hot summer draws to a close, a butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum is offering visitors a last chance to ‘experience the tropics’.  

The exhibition, open for only one more week, includes hundreds of butterflies which are free to flap amongst visitors in a purpose built house on the east lawn of the museum. 

The Natural History Museum cares for one of the biggest and most diverse butterfly and moth collections in the world, gathered over the last 200 years.

Visitors are sure to see caterpillars munching leaves and hundreds of moths and butterflies including the spectacular swallowtail, the beautiful blue morpho, the magnificent moon moth and many more originating from around the world.

Kerry Leigh, 26, from Southwark, worked at the exhibition throughout the summer.

“Now is a great time to visit because the plants have changed over the past six months,” she said.

Visitors pay a small concession to experience the exhibition.

Once the exhibition closes, the butterflies are donated to Longleat Park and will potentially return next year.

“It’s been busy so hopefully we will be back,” Ms Leigh added. 

Photo courtesy of Travelling Steve, with thanks. 

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