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Richmond dancers perform Imperial College flash mob for Motor Neurone Disease

Richmond dancers raised awareness for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) at The Great Exhibition Road Festival by performing a flash mob at Imperial College.

On Sunday 19 June, The Great Exhibition Road Festival at Imperial College campus, saw Star Cells Part 2 Combination Dance groups perform a variety of routines to spread awareness for Manchester Metropolitan University and Imperial in their research.

The dance company aims to unite people of all ages by using creative art forms such as dance to communicate important scientific messages.

Anne-Marie, Artistic Director of Combination Dance said: “The main aim is to raise awareness for a hugely debilitating disease, MND.

“We’ve tried to portray the biochemical ballet that happens in the body starting with the exchange of ions in the motor neurons and as well as explaining some muscle science throughout the dance.”

“It’s a celebration of being able to move!”

Jeffrey Felicisimo, Choreographer with Combination Dance and Flawless dancer, attended the event to teach the audience their own flash mob to perform later in the day.

He said: “We are trying to put dance and science together to help everyone’s awareness and show that science doesn’t always have to be such a serious thing, there’s always a fun side of it.”

WATCH: Richmond dancers perform a flash mob outside Imperial College to raise awareness of motor neurone disease

Featured image: Dancers from Combination Dance Company. Credit: Scott David Photography

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